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From Portugal to North America

The first CorkStyle bags made their first overseas trip from Portugal to Canada, nine years ago. Since then, more and more cork bags are seen on the streets of Vancouver, all over the Pacific Northwest and select locations in the U.S.

Recently, cork has been embraced by high-end fashion stores and since then it has been featured in eco-fashion shows and magazines gaining appreciation and recognition. 

With the wider interest, our Corkstyle collection of classy cork fashion products kept growing. This year we are thrilled to introduce our stylish new designs that cater to the more fashion-oriented customers who appreciate simple, natural lines that allow the material itself to take the main stage. Each CorkStyle item is unique, one of a kind, resonating with your individuality while providing the perfect blend of functionality, durability and aesthetics. 

Our Corkstyle fabric has sparked an interest in the interior design community. Designers and eco furniture stores have used cork fabric in offices, reception rooms, as well as in private homes in Canada and the U.S. Its uniqueness, versatility and earthy tone appeal to the contemporary designer, as the fabric is easily incorporated into a wide variety of colour schemes. 

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