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What is so special about Cork products?

CorkStyle products are manufactured from the bark of Oak trees. The sustainability of its production and the easy recycling of cork's products and by-products are two of its most distinctive aspects. In buying and using cork products, you are contributing to the preservation of a natural and renewable resource.

CorkStyle products are environmentally sustainable.

 In the production process, there is no damage to the trees harvested and there is no waste (the waste is used for stoppers).

No dyeing is involved in the process. Cork offers an alternative for people who would like to stay away from leather. Cork products reflect sustainable business practices and commitment to the environment. 

Cork’s unique properties

The unique physical properties of natural cork have made it an ideal way to seal wine bottles since the Roman days. Cork has a unique honeycomb cell structure. Each cell is sealed, filled with air and not connected to any other cell. The same unique qualities make cork-fabric an ideal material for many applications; knapsacks, bags, belts, sandals & sofas to name just a few.


  • Cork is very durable; it is resilient to scratches and it is as sturdy as medium quality leather.
  • Temperature and age stability: cork retains its properties at both high and low extremes of temperature and lasts almost 20 years without deterioration.
  • Cork is light and low in density.
  • Cork is waterproof; it is resistant to moisture penetration and is unaffected by rain, snow or hail.
    You don’t have to spray it or treat it!
  • Cork is anti-allergenic and anti-static
  • Cork is recyclable & biodegradable.
  • Cork is very flexible and can be shaped into any form.
  • Cork is flame-retardant and flame-resistant
  • Cork is compressible: cork can be compressed to half its size with no loss of its flexibility.

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